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    Amazing Pictures Of Cats That Will Brighten Your Day

    mysterious cat

    It may be impossible to fathom domestic cats, but we can certainly admire their beauty and cuteness as their humans. Did you know that cats have specific skills unlike any other animal on the Earth. Skills such as turning into liquid, bread, disappearing completely and acting like humans. Many of their traits lead people to […] More

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    If You Eat Two Bananas Every Day, This Will Happen To Your Body!

    banana health benefits

    Bananas are one of the most underrated fruits and superfoods out there. They are packed full of fiber and nutrients. Eat two fresh bananas daily with a drink of warm lemon water to remove harmful toxins and energize your day. So when you next visit the supermarket be certain to pick a bunch of juicy, tasty […] More

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    The Most Shockingly Offensive Vintage Advertisements That You Ever Saw

    Shocking Vintage Advertisements

    The art of creating eye catching advertisements is one that few can master. Here is a slide show of 20 shocking vintage ads that offer an insight into a very creative style of promoting goods for their time, but have more so created an offensive shock impact in todays more politically correct society and culture. […] More

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    How To Keep Your Eye On The Ball When Playing Tennis

    How To Keep Your Eye On The Ball When Playing Tennis

    So how can you keep your head still when you’re making a serious shot at a game of tennis and not look up from the tennis ball.  Surely you’ve seen the tennis pros do just that and they keep a very steel, level head and only look up after they’ve completed their follow-through. Surely if […] More

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    Ever Wondered What Happens When a Dingo Meets a Coyote!

    Ever wonder what might happen when a wild dingo meets a Coyote? Well this is exactly what happened right here. How it Went Down Meeting The Dingos So I’m gonna get to go inside the enclosure with the dingoes themselves. You nervous at all? Watch your back, Mark, here they come. There are over 375 […] More

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    An Art Student Looked At This 1860’s Painting, Then Observed A Girl Holding a Fascinating Object In Her Hands

    The 1860's Girl With The Cell Phone ( Die Erwartete ) Expected Woman

    Art gallery visitors stand rapt in front of masterworks, contemplating the brush strokes that make up expressions of artistic genius. In most cases, their appreciation begins and ends with a painting itself. Every so often, however, viewers’ expectations of their contemporary lives alter the way they perceive the works they admire. Yet one painting, known […] More

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    25 Stupidest Crooks and Criminals Ever

    Dumbest Criminals

    Not everyone can be a smart criminal who hits pay dirt because it takes a lot of mental agility to commit even the smallest crime and get away with it. In this feature article, we will explore people who tried so hard to be good criminals but failed miserably in their intention completely because of […] More

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    The Top Ten Most Haunted Places on the Planet

    Have you ever wondered which sites and places can lay claim to being among the most haunted places on planet Earth? Well this selection of 10 haunted hotspots must surely make the ghostly grade. Take a close a look with baited breath and try not to hide beneath the covers as these top ten most […] More

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    25 Breathtaking and Beautiful Natural Wonders

    Mount Bromo - natural wonders

    The planet we live on is so important that we sometimes completely forget about to be thankful to it for all the blessings it gave us. One of the blessings planet Earth gave us besides food and water is natural wonders. Our planet is so abundant in natural wonders that we couldn’t decide which natural […] More

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    25 Popular Destinations You Should Avoid

    Niagara Falls popular destinations

    There are a couple of tourist destinations in the world that are heavily advertised and syndicated on television. Yet when you get there you realize that they are in fact nothing like as shown on television and in advertisements. The reality is that you should think twice about ever going there. In this article, we […] More

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