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25 Stupidest Crooks and Criminals Ever

These crooks thought they were smart, they thought that they were about to hit the big time, until they realized their stupid mistakes

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Not everyone can be a smart criminal who hits pay dirt because it takes a lot of mental agility to commit even the smallest crime and get away with it. In this feature article, we will explore people who tried so hard to be good criminals but failed miserably in their intention completely because of their dullness, stupidity and lack of intellect.

25 Dumbest Criminals and Crooks

From foolish robbers and crooks who flirted with cashiers to crazy cat burglars to people who tried to commit crazy robberies armed with just vegetables. Here’s a top list of the 25 stupidest criminals and crooks ever. They really should all have known much better but then they really weren’t that bright, so take a look at our selection of crooks.

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