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25 Foods to Avoid When Dieting

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Dieting is actually one of the least recommended ways to lose weight. There are several other ways to lose weight than just dieting. However, if you are a hardcore diet aficionado, then you should know what foods you should avoid when dieting. In this article, we will feature 25 foods that you shouldn’t only avoid while dieting, but that you should avoid always.

From mouth-watering bagels to refreshing sodas, here’s a list of 25 Foods to Avoid When Dieting:

#25 – Flavored Yogurt

Although eating flavored yogurt for breakfast seems to you like an innocent thing that won’t make you fat, you should know that flavored yogurt is abundant in sugars that will make you fat. Prolonged consummation of flavored yogurt will lead to the development of “love handles.”

Flavored yogurts are so abundant in sugar that they contain more of it than ice cream. If you can’t live without flavored yogurt, opt for Greek yogurt and add to it any fresh fruit you want.

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