25 Facts About Islam You Didn’t Know Before

Sometimes when you dig deeper into certain religions you suddenly come to realize that actually you don’t understand it so well after all

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Islam is one of the most misunderstood religions in the world so that’s why we have decided to talk about Islam in this article. In today’s article, we will feature 25 facts about Islam and everything else related to it that are lesser known among people who don’t practice Islam.

From the invention of coffee to a cat’s status in Islam, here’s a list of 25 unique and interesting facts about Islam that you probably didn’t know before reading this feature post.

#25 – The Things We Have Thanks to Islam

There are a huge number of things that exist today that were invented by the Muslim people. For example, if it weren’t for Islam, we wouldn’t drink coffee. That’s right, coffee is the invention of the Islamic world.

Some other inventions that came from Islam and the Islamic culture include algebra, marching bands, toothbrushes, and even medical facilities. Muslim scholars have also made huge dedications to astronomy, medicine, poetry, pharmacy, physics, and history.

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