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25 Crazy Things Banned in America

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America is indeed the land of freedom. However, it is also the land of crazy bans and laws that will make you think that you can’t be as free as you want. In this article, we’ll feature some of the craziest things that are banned in America or any of its states.

From turkey feathers to delicious chocolate treats, here’s a list of 25 Crazy Things Banned in America:

#25 – Explosive Golf Balls

Golf is a massively popular sport in the United States, especially in Massachusetts. As a golf player in that American state, you are allowed to own as many golf balls as you want. However, you aren’t allowed to own one specific type of golf balls in Massachusetts under any circumstance.

The residents of Massachusetts who are avid golf players aren’t allowed to own explosive golf balls. Owning such golf balls is completely illegal in that American state and you can’t even use such balls to prank fellow golf players.

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