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25 Craziest Festivals Around the World

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There’s a plethora of insane observations and festivals in the world. In this article we will feature some of the world’s craziest festivals that you won’t believe exist.

Here are the 25 Craziest Festivals Around the World:

#25 – La Tomatina

What you are seeing in the photo above isn’t a man sliding through blood. This man is actually sliding through tomato sauce, which is one of the parts of the annual La Tomatina Festival held Buñol, Spain. This festival is all about tomatoes.

This festival has its roots in 1945 when a bunch of Buñol teenagers started a tomato fight which eventually turned into this festival. La Tomatina is still the largest and only tomato fight in the world held every August. Paying a visit to this festival means a lot of free Bolognese sauce!

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