25 Celebrities Who Were Once Homeless

These celebs all had a hard time on the street at some point in their lives, see how they coped

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Celebrities, you think they have it everything in life. That they have the fame, money, luxurious cars, expensive clothes, lavish homes, and many other things that are unachievable to ordinary people.

However, what most people don’t realize is that most of the today’s celebrities were once penniless people who could barely make their ends meet. In this celeb feature article, we will talk about such celebrities who have slept on park benches and begged for food before earning their first millions. Some of their identities may surprise you when revealed. Here are 25 famous celebrities who were once homeless without a dime to their name

#25 – Jim Carrey

Believe it or not, but this hilarious actor didn’t lead a happy life and wasn’t that funny as today before he became famous. First of all, Jim Carrey was a high school dropout. After dropping out of high school, he started living in a VW minivan together with his family in various locations across Canada.

Eventually, he and his family moved from a minivan to a tent and it is during that time when Carrey developed a sensational sense of humor that earned him millions of dollars.

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