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20 Strange and Mysterious Events that Challenge our Senses

These incredible and mysterious incidents will intrigue and stimulate the mind in ways never thought possible

These mysterious events are so shocking and improbable that they make us all pause for thought. Could these strange events be truly real?
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People are fascinated by the strange and unknown, they are curious about mysteries and seek to have them solved. Today, we are going to take you into a world of the odd and strange, and present to you 20 of these unsolved strange and mysterious events.

From packs of dogs who inexplicably jump to their deaths. To legendary, unexplained explosions that flatten entire forests. We just know that you’ll find these unsolved cases and mysterious events intriguing and perhaps worth considerable further research and study.

20. What Happened to Xin Rong?

What Happened to Chinese pilot Xin Rong?
What Happened to Chinese pilot Xin Rong? Image Credit : Youtube

Xin Rong was a 27 year old doctoral student who studied at the University of Michigan. Xin Rong was a member of the Ann Arbor Airport flight club. On March 15, 2017 he decided to rent a Cessna. However, the rented Cessna crashed in a heavily forested area in Ontario.

Workers could not locate Xin Rong’s body and noted that there were no footprints in the surrounding snow. After 7 months Xin Rong’s wife asked that he be declared dead. What happened to Xin Rong, did he jump from the falling Cessna, did he purposefully fake his death? We may never know what really happened to this lost pilot.

19. The Tunguska Impact Event

The Tunguska Impact Event
The Tunguska Impact Event : Image Credit : WikiPedia

On June 30, 1908, one of the most mysterious events ever, in the world took place. On that day, a massive explosion rocked the area around the Stony Tunguska River in Russia, taking with it a huge expanse of land.

While casualties were low with only 2 unofficial reports, this strange and mysterious explosion was great indeed, and thought to have been between 10 and 15 megatons, destroying 2,000 kilometers, or 770 square miles of forest, meaning that an estimated 80 million trees were said to have fallen.

Some immediately attributed it to an meteor due to the damage, and was classified as an ‘impact event’, the largest in history. Through the years, others have thought it to be the work of aliens, but whatever the case the true cause of the Tunguska explosion remains a mystery.

18. The Mystery of the Arctic Ping

The Mystery of the Arctic Ping
The Mystery of the Arctic Ping, Image Credit : WikiPedia

Are there UFO’s hiding beneath the ice near Igloolik? That’s just one of the many theories people were tossing around regarding the sudden appearance of pinging noises around Canada’s arctic area.

In order to get to the bottom of these mysterious noises, Canada’s military sent a CP-140 Aurora aircraft to check out the Fury and Hecla Strait. MLA Paul Quassa related to lawmakers that these hums, pings and beeps seem to emanate from the ocean floor.

Most people consider it the work of ice smacking and rubbing together. Indeed early explorers of the Arctic noticed these odd noises and simply referred to them as the “Devil’s Symphony”.

17. Lost and Lonely, the Lake Superior Ghost Ship

The Lake Superior Ghost Ship
The Lake Superior Ghost Ship Image Credit : Youtube

One afternoon, Jason Asselin came across a rather strange site as he was collecting imagery for a music video. He found it so curious, that he posted his footage online. The video he took appeared to show a ‘ghost ship’ on Lake Superior, Marquette, Michigan.

This ghost ship was described as ‘gigantic’ as it sailed on the lake. Many considered the possibility that this might be one of the lakes 6,000 shipwrecks that had somehow surfaced. According to Asselin, the ghost ship remained within view for around 30 minutes.

Well, what do you think? Could it be a real ghost ship, a hoax, mirage, or a mix of wind, weather, fog and water? We’ll probably never know, but it is quite fun to ponder.

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16. Is Teleportation Finally Possible?

Could teleportation be finally possible? Image Credit : Youtube
Could teleportation be finally possible? Image Credit : Youtube

An odd bit of strange video footage found its way online, dated May 5, 2012. It is of a man suddenly appearing in the middle of the road, in the direct path of an oncoming truck. When you view the footage, you can see it shows the truck making an attempt to miss the man.

From what we can tell, it is believed that this blurry video was shot by a dashcam somewhere in Russia. Most people suggest that this is a hint of what is yet to come since Russia has been working very hard on teleportation technology.

Is this a real occurrence or a hoax? Well, there is the issue of the conveniently blurry video, one would think it would be much clearer for a dashcam. As with all things, time will tell.

15. Unexplained UFO Flies Over Chile

Unexplained UFO Flies Over Chile
Unexplained UFO Flies Over Chile Image Credit : HiggyPop

In 2014 General Ricardo Bermudez stated that “We do not know what it was, but we do know what it was not”. What the General was referring to is the November 11, 2014 incident where a Chilean Navy helicopter was going through its usual paces near the coast west of Santiago.

At 1:52 pm a crew member spotted the UFO taking imagery with the infra red (FLIR) camera. The resulting camera footage was then given to the CEFFAA for analysis, along with their reports. According to those who witnessed the incident and tape, the UFO was a “flat, elongated structure” and had what appeared to be two thermal spotlights.

What made this sighting so curious, was that this object was dynamic in that it seemed to discharge a gas or substance twice. What was it? We may never know.

14. The CIA Investigates a Poltergeist Report

Mysterious Events The CIA Investigates a Poltergeist Report
The CIA Investigates a Poltergeist Report Image Credit : Flickr

A poltergeist is not just any ghost you’ll find flitting back and forth in your home. The poltergeist is one of the most irritating, damaging and annoying entities of the spirit world. In January of 2017, the CIA declassified many of its cases, and one of those cases involved the story of a French family which had experienced some rather serious and frightening poltergeist activity.

The year was 1980 when the investigation began. According to the report, the occurrences were everything you could expect from poltergeist activity. The CIA investigation was soon halted however, as the family could no longer handle it and left for Guadeloupe, where they found peace.

13. The Man in the Iron Mask

The Man in the Iron Mask
The Man in the Iron Mask Image Credit : WikiPedia

One of the most disliked men in history is Benigne Dauvergne de Saint-Mars. It was Saint-Mars who jailed the ‘Man in the Iron Mask’ in 1669/1670, placing him in various prisons such as the Fortress of Pignerol and the Bastille. The ‘Man in the Iron Mask’ remained unidentified as Saint-Mars refused to allow anyone to see his true face, as he kept it hidden via a mask or black cloth.

Throughout history many have speculated about his genuine identity. Voltaire believed he was Louis XIV illegitimate brother. Modern day scholars actually found strong evidence that king Louis XIV gave money to Saint-Mars for the direct benefit of the prisoner, which Saint-Mars kept for himself instead.

Whatever the truth of the ‘Man in the Iron Mask’ may be, we shall not know until more scholars find additional historical documents and access their validity.

12. The Mystery of the Disembodied Feet of Salish Sea

The Mystery of the Disembodied Feet of Salish Sea
The Mystery of the Disembodied Feet of Salish Sea, Image Credit : Youtube

What would you do if you began to find human feet lying about the beach, with no body attached? Well, since August 20 or 2007 when the first detached feet were reported on the coast of the Salish Sea, through today that is exactly what has been occurring.

Examiners researching these mysterious events can’t really tell much, so have ruled out foul play. From 2007 to December 8, 2017 a total of 18 accounts of detached feet have been recorded. There have also been plenty of hoax’s where raw meat was stuffed into running shoes.

Could it be a new ritual of sorts, or suicides? No one knows for sure, but just in case you take a stroll down the beach, I wouldn’t be too eager to pick up stray shoes.

11. The Dance of Death in Strasbourg, France

The Dance of Death in Strasbourg, France
The Dance of Death in Strasbourg, France, Image Credit : WikiPedia

One day long ago, in the quaint, lovely city of Strasbourg, the people suddenly found themselves suffering from an odd and eerie compulsion to dance. It all began with Frau Troffea. One fine July day she just began to dance in the street.

Other citizens found it amusing, and decided to partake of the activity. Within one month, at least 400 Strasbourg citizens were found dancing in the streets amid these mysterious events. Soon, many of them beginning to drop like flies due to exhaustion and heart attacks. While many explanations have been put forth, the fact remains that it began with Frau Troffea, and ended withing a month, never to return.

10. Strange Deaths at the Dyatlov Pass

Strange Deaths at the Dyatlov Pass
Strange Deaths at the Dyatlov Pass, Image Credit : WikiPedia

Dyatlov Pass is named after the leader of a group of ski hikers, who camped in the Ural Mountains of Russia, Igor Dyatlov. On the first and second days of February 1959, all of the nine hikers from the Ural Polytechnical Institute left their encampment as fast as they could, without clothing themselves properly.

Detailed investigations into these mysterious events show that their tent was sliced open from the inside, and most ran from their camp barefoot or in socks. The intense snows and sub-zero temperatures were simply too much for them, and all nine hikers perished.

Six of the hikers died from hypothermia, and the other three with evidence of physical abuse, such as fractured skull, brain damage, and another missing a tongue and eyes.

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9. Spontaneous Combustion Case in Florida

Spontaneous Combustion Case in Florida
Spontaneous Combustion Case in Florida, Image Credit : Youtube

Spontaneous combustion, what do you think, does it exist or not? Well on what seemed to be a normal day in St. Petersburg, Florida, Mary Reeser might have actually been a victim of it. When Pansy Carpenter arrived to hand a telegram to Mary, she found it strange that the door knob was so warm, so she called the police to investigate the mysterious events.

When they opened the door, all that was left of poor Mary were a smattering of ashes, her spine, her shrunken skull and left foot, all lying within the vicinity of her easy chair. Experts thought she had set herself alight, or fell asleep with a lit cigarette but that did not stand to reason, as the rest of the room was left untouched.

FBI expert Krogman questioned the shrunken skull and the absence of fire damage in the apartment, but his questions were left unheeded.

8. Frozen Solid in Minnesota

Frozen Solid in Minnesota
Frozen Solid in Minnesota, Image Credit : Imgur

On a freezing, snowy and icy night, 19 year old Jean Hillier found herself the victim of a car accident. Determined, she found the strength and fortitude to travel up to 2 miles from the site of the accident to her friends house by way of a dark, country road.

This was in Minnesota, mind you, so by the time she began to travel, the temperatures had fallen to a deep and frosty -22 degrees Fahrenheit. Sometime during her walk, she collapsed on the road. When they found her, her flesh was frozen stiff, and her pulse had dropped to a steady 12 beats per minute.

Fortune favors the brave, and she went on to a full recovery, though no explanations were given as to how she survived.

7. Disappearance of Captain and Crew of the Mary Celeste

Disappearance of Captain and Crew of the Mary Celeste
Disappearance of Captain and Crew of the Mary Celeste, Image Credit : UnderWorld Tales

On December 5, 1872, a merchant ship named the Mary Celeste was found by the crew of the Canadian ship, the Dei Gratia. The Mary Celeste was discovered totally abandoned and drifting in the Atlantic Ocean. She was now a ghost ship, without any obvious signs of captain, crew and with just one lifeboat present.

The odd thing, is that the cargo, crews personal belongings were all intact, no sign of pillaging existed, no signs of fighting, or pirating activities. Still, for whatever reason, the captain and crew wanted to get off that boat, and do it quickly.

While there are a plethora of explanations to try and rationalize these mysterious events, none of them hold up under scrutiny. We may never find out what happened to the crew of the Mary Celeste.

6. Gloria Ramirez, the Toxic Lady

Gloria Ramirez, the Toxic Lady
Gloria Ramirez, the Toxic Lady, Image Credit : Youtube

On February 19, 1994 Gloria Ramirez arrived at General Hospital in Riverside California. Gloria was suffering from an aggressive form of cervical cancer and found her situation so unbearable, she was taken to the hospital for treatment.

Soon after her arrival it was noted that hospital workers that came in contact with her body and blood began to fall strangely ill, stating that she had a garlicky, fruity odor on her breath and an ammonia smell from her drawn blood. Three staff members passed out from contact with Gloria, and 23 other become extremely ill. One of the more disturbing mysterious events featured here.

As a result, she became known as the toxic patient or the toxic lady since she passed away soon after being admitted. While there are many theories surrounding her death, it is unknown whether any of these were the cause. Official cause of the death of Gloria Ramirez was attributed to kidney failure.

5. The Isdal Woman, Just who was She?

The Isdal Woman, Just who was She
The Isdal Woman, Just who was She? Image Credit : Reinhardheydt

On November 29, 1970 a father and his two daughters were enjoying a nice hike in the Isdalen Valley, Bergen Norway. To their surprise, they came upon the remains of what we know today as the Isdal Woman.

Surrounding her body was a lunch, empty bottle of St. Hallvards liqueur, 2 plastic bottles and a monogrammed spoon with the initials sanded off, along with a charred passport. Her corpse was badly burned beyond recognition and her finger prints had been sanded off, clothing labels removed, which made it almost impossible to identify her.

Cause of death was concluded barbiturate overdose, her remains currently resting in Mollendal cemetery in Bergen. The Isdal Woman still fascinates criminologists to this day, as the entire situation is quite strange. Was she just a tourist who had met the wrong sort of people, or was she a well trained spy who made a fatal misstep which was her undoing? We may never know.

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4. Mass Canine Suicide at the Overtoun Bridge

Mass Canine Suicide at the Overtoun Bridge
Mass Canine Suicide at the Overtoun Bridge, Image Credit : Lairich Rig

There’s something odd going on at the Overtoun Bridge, located in Dumbarton, Scotland and it’s been that way since the 1960’s. For you see, it is at this bridge where at least a grand total of 50 dogs have plunged to their deaths, all from the very same high parapet.

While 50 dogs have crashed to their deaths on the rocky shore below, hundreds more have come to the edge; jumped and survived, only to return again and try their luck going for another jump.

Dogs have keen senses, do they see something we cannot, is this a possible portal to another dimension, or is the bridge haunted? Whatever it is, it is not limited to dogs. In 1994 a 32 year old father tossed his infant son from the exact same spot on the bridge, as he believed his son to be possessed. These kind of shocking and mysterious events definitely requires some investigation.

3. New England’s Vampires

New England Vampires
New England’s Vampires, Image Credit : The DailyBeast

In the early days of New England many people believed in the existence of vampires. In a last ditch effort to stop the ‘dead’ from feeding on those in the community, bodies in Griswold, Connecticut were often dug up and burned.

Connecticut’s own state archaeologist, Nicholas Bellantoni explained that back in the day, many in the New England area actually believed in vampires and other mysterious events. The spread of TB or tuberculosis, didn’t help matters any, as that was a wasting away type of death.

Bodies were not only burned, but could also be found rearranged in the form of the familiar skull and cross bones pattern. Unfortunately, there is not much else to go on, and many still wonder today, what made the gook folk of New England believe in vampirism a good 100 to 150 years ago.

2. Catherine Labouré, the Body that Refused to Decay

Catherine Laboure
Catherine Labouré, the Body that Refused to Decay, Image Credit : André Leroux

Catherine Labouré was a diligent and dedicated Catholic nun who was made a saint in July 27, 1947 by Pope Pius XII. This extraordinary woman spent most of her life caring for the elderly, and is known as the patroness of seniors.

The reason for her sainthood is that her body was found to not suffer from decomposition. Today, you can visit her body as it is currently encased in glass in the Chapel of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal, in Paris.

This occurrence that afflicted Catherine Labouré is known to Catholics as “incorrupt” or “incorruptibility”, meaning that God so loved this woman, her body still retains its purity. Today, followers celebrate Saint Catherine’s feast day on the 28th of November.

1. Medieval Porpoise Burial Baffles Experts

Medieval Porpoise Burial Baffles Experts
Medieval Porpoise Burial Baffles Experts, Image Credit : Youtube

Archaeologists made a unique and mysterious discovery while working through a dig on Chapelle Dom Hue, a smallish island located near Guernsey. Archaeologist Philip de Jersey from Oxford University was working at the 14th century excavation site, and was surprised when they came upon the remains in this ancient animal tomb.

Inside the carefully formed grave lie the body of a medieval, juvenile porpoise. The body of the porpoise was not just flung in the hole as waste, but was carefully positioned, body laying east to west as was required from Christian traditions of the time.

Why did the monks do this for this particular porpoise, what is the significance of these mysterious events? We may never know. In order to find answers, the bones have been since removed and are now under intense study.

20 Strange and Mysterious Events : Wrapping Up

These haunted places and strange mysteries are not easily explainable and for good reason. The uniqueness of these remarkable and mysterious events cannot be understated. It is for this reason that they will continue to fuel the fires of conspiracy theorists for some time to come.

In some cases it is quite possible that the truth behind what really happened during these amazing and intriguing, mysterious events will never be properly unearthed.